booker is:

THE modern, all-in-one Booking System for Model, Talent, Artist Agencies. Imaging, Scouting & Web Content Management. Integrated to Accounting.


Booker is the best booking, imaging, scouting, casting, and web content management system (“CMS”) for all types of agencies.

Booker is the modern, high-performance, hybrid-cloud, “smart application” Booking System. It is beautifully-designed, easy-to-use, with superb imaging, Web-content management, a tablet-version, and mobile phone web apps; a perfect fit for Model, Talent & Artist Agencies.

Booker - Booking System - Imaging - Models Library - Selection - Package

A fast, functional, fabulous, web-based, mobile-responsive, world-class, booking system…

What do we mean when we say Booker is hybrid-cloud and also a  smart application?  It means Booker is fully cross-platform, running locally on your device — Mac, Windows or iPad, plus our Agent web apps for mobile phones — all connected to, optimized for, and leveraging all benefits of data, images, videos and other content in the cloud.


Key Functional Areas of Booker:

  • BOOKING — castings, shows, options, jobs & foreign jobs
  • IMAGING — media, books, packages, sending & tracking
  • SCOUTING — travel, follow-up, manage & develop talent
  • MOBILE — runs on tablets (full) & smartphones (web app)
  • MODELS, TALENT, ARTISTS —  manage, develop & book
  • AGENCIES — mother agencies, placements & commissions
  • CONTACTS — people, companies, partners & influencers
  • WEB — media & data, content Management via API
  • BLINK — Booking LINK to agency management & accounting

Booker on iPad - mobile-tablet hybrid-cloud booking system

Booker enables agents to book models, talent and artists, convert options, book shows and castings fast!  Booker works wherever you are, and whenever you need: traveling, at the shows, at lunch or dinner, at a client’s office, or at the agency…

Here is a preview of our mobile Web-App for Booker, being developed now, releasing soon:

booker on iPhone_simplified_app_3400x2000

Email to find out more about Booker.


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