Book, Manage Fashion Shows — Way Better in Booker!

Booker, the modern booking system, has dedicated tools (desktop & mobile) for booking, and managing fashion shows.

Were you at NYFW, LFW, MFW, PFW or another Fashion Week/Show?  If you were there, from an agency, and managing your models at the shows, you were probably frustrated with, and limited by, your current booking system — unless you had Booker!

Booker - dedicated Show Chart - Booking System

If you were an agent using Booker, preparing and booking for fashion week with our dedicated Shows Chart (on your Mac or PC desktop or laptop) back at the agency, then:

  • All your packages, castings, and bookings for the shows went smoothly,
  • You easily managed schedules and call times,Booker - notify models and clients about Shows by email - booking system
  • Sent notifications to models (confirming, canceling),
  • Sent model lists to clients, and much more!

With Booker, you were at the top of your game, your models were ready-to-go, and you were ready to enjoy (and profit from) the shows!

And of course, if you were using Booker at the fashion shows, you:

  • Booker - email-PDF notify models and clients about SHOWS - booking systemBrought your tablet (iPad Pro or Windows-Android), running the FULL version of Booker,
  • Used our dedicated Shows Chart,
  • Managed your models, call-times, and much more!

With Booker, your models all showed up when and where they were supposed to, all your bookings went smoothly, you were stress-free and enjoyed the shows — all because you had Booker!

Booker’s 4 Key Tools for the Fashion Shows:
  • Dedicated Chart – Manage Show Schedules & Call Times (easily, at-a-glance, etc.),  send show packages to dedicated websites, confirm bookings for the shows,  etc.
  • Model Notifications – Confirmed or Canceled w/Show details (via email/text or PDF)
  • Client Notifications – send Fashion Show Lists w/Model details (via email/text or PDF)
  • Models-Shows Management – Confirm, Cancel, Inform, Remind and Manage Models so the Shows go smoothly…

Not a Booker user yet? Email or use the inquiry form below, to find out how Booker can make the shows easier, and more profitable, for you!

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